Class Schedule

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Kids Karate

This class teaches movement skills, discipline, self-control, practical karate skills and self-defense in a format that is both enjoyable and beneficial for children. It is designed for children 4 years and above

Price: 4 Years Old and Above


This class Is dedicated to using the power of music to help children grow during the years most critical to brain development. Your child is welcomed into a playful and nurturing environment where they will sing, move, play instruments, and hear stories.
Kindermusic boosts language skills, confidence, independence, social-emotional skills, and self-control.

Price: 21 Months – 3 Years Old
AED 425 / 6 WEEKS
AED 700 / 10 WEEKS
Price: 1 YEAR- 3.5 Years Old
AED 425 / 6 WEEKS
AED 700 / 10 WEEKS

Kidz Zumba

Kids learn Zumba with kid-friendly routines. The class also incorporates games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the class structure. Kidz Zumba Helps develop a healthy lifestyle and promotes fitness as a natural part of children’s lives by making fitness fun.

Price: 3.5 Years Old and Above


These fun-filled classes accompanied by live music are the perfect introduction to the basics of dance. Children are encouraged to express themselves through dance and music and build on their natural ability. They will learn basic dance vocabulary through teacher and student. In ballet classes they focus on placement, alignment, flexibility and musicality.

Price: 4 Years Old and Above
AED 70 / Class
AED 600 / 10 Weeks

Hip hop Kidz

This class introduces you to all of the basics of Hip Hop movement for the younger student. Using games and music, the class focuses on rhythm, musicality and basic footwork. It is a great way to get kids moving! … Stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength and funky footwork will all be incorporated.

Price: 5 Years Old and Above

Music Monkeys

Price: 9-week term = AED540 (AED60 per class)
5 or more classes = AED65 per class
Single class = AED70 per class